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Staying Warm When It’s Cold Outside

The air is bitter, the paths are icy and the mornings are feeling colder and colder by the day. January is a particularly tough month for those of us who feel the cold, but there are several ways to protect yourself against the winter chills…

Facing chilly mornings

Essential checklist

• Set your heating to come on early in the morning
• Cosy slippers – shop our range of specially designed, extra supportive slippers
• Dressing gown or preferred jumper
• Cup of tea – made with our easy pour kettle tipper
• Breakfast – prepared with our range of specially adapted kitchen utensils
• Newspaper or magazine of choice
• Extra comfy riser recliner chair – read the buying guide
• Ahh…and relax! – the perfect way to start a chilly morning

MyHealth Mobility

Days braving the outdoors

Things to consider

• Do you really need to venture out? Could you shop online? – check out our beginner’s guide to using the internet
• Prepare in advance – know your route, write shopping lists, arrange an indoor meeting place, check the bus timetable online
• Check, check and check again – is your scooter fully charged? Are your tyres looking fully pumped? When was your last mobility scooter service?
• Dress for the weather – is it going to rain? Browse our range of waterproof clothing and accessories
• Layer up – tops, jumpers, coats, scarves, gloves…the more the better!
• Pack a flask of hot tea and some snacks just in case you require a pick-me-up on your travels
• Have a contingency plan – who have you told where you’re going? What is your plan if you miss the bus? Or if the paths are too icy?

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Nights under countless blankets

Some good ideas

• Put on a heater in your room for half an hour or so to warm up the air and turn off when you get into bed
• Set your heating to come on in the morning
• Invest in an electric heated blanket
• Pile up with regular blankets
• Have a hot drink before bed – try a calming camomile tea
• Browse our range of bed accessories and supportive pillows and cushions

MyHealth Mobility

For further help or advice staying warm and mobile in winter, please contact our friendly expert advisors on 01323 444861 or visit us in store.