Wheelchair Powerpacks

We provide wheelchair powerpacks, instantly turning your manual wheelchair into a battery-assisted, electric wheelchair. Our lightweight, detachable powerpacks mean that once fitted, the manual wheelchair no longer needs to be pushed, and only requires someone to walk behind with their thumb on the control button. Contact our team of friendly mobility experts for help or advice.

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  • TGA Twin Duo Wheelchair Powerpack

    TGA Twin Duo Powerpack

    • Max user weight 18 stone
    • Range Up to 10 miles on a charge
    • Battery 18Ah
    • Tyres Solid
    • Max speed 4mph

    No more struggling up hills, ramps or uneven ground; just press the lever and enjoy the effortless  transportation the Powerpack provides. Easily removed for folding your wheelchair.

    £799.00 Excl. VAT